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Kitesurfing rental & storage

ALL KITE EQUIPMENT for rent in hurghada


Have you finished a kitesurfing course, but you don’t have your own kitesurfing equipment? Kites, boards, harnesses, all you can rent from us. Latest 2020 / 2021 models from CABRINHA, Nobile kites and  boards.


CABRINHA 2020 /2021
Models 2020 /2021 CABRINHA and Nobile in our rental and kite shop! SWITCHBLADE, Moto, CONTRA, T5, 50 in sizes from 5 to 17 m2.!


Kiteboards in sizes from 129 to 160 cm. How to save on kitebag shipping charges? We will rent you kiteboard for *70 EUR /per all week and you will save up to 30 EUR for excess baggage cost.


Did you leave something from your equipment at home? Or did the cold make you forgot to pack your wetsuit? It doesn’t matter, you can rent everything from us. Kite safely and enjoy your kitesurf holiday to the fullest!

Kitesurfing equipment HURGHADA

Kitesurfing equipment HURGHADA

High Surf & Kite School Hurghada – Egypt kitesurfing – we offer rental of premium kitesurfing equipment from CABRINHA, Nobile . Are you kitesurf beginner or experienced kitesurfer? We have the right kitesurfing gear for all kite levels and styles, all what you need for kitesurfing. We have a selection of latest kites, twin tips, directional boards, harnesses, wetsuits, helmets, and water booties as well.

Minimum renting time: 2 hour 

*Kitesurfing gear rental is available only for intermediate to advanced riders IKO LEVEL#3 – must be able to consistently stay upwind and know self rescue procedures.

Kite Rental price

2 hours (in one time)55 €
5 hours (different time)120 €
10 hours (different time)220 €
1 day85 €
3 days180 €
5 days250 €
1 week290 €
10 days350 €
2 weeks400 €
Time 2 hours
(in one time)
5 hours
(different time)
10 hours
(different time)
1 day 3 days 5 days 1 week 10 days 2 weeks
Price 55 € 120 € 220 € 85 € 180 € 250 € 290 € 350 € 400 €

*Only kite rental 70% from the normal price.

kite rental hurghada egypt


We offer kites in sizes from 5 to 17sqm from brands Cabrinha and Nobile, models 2020/2021 SWITCHBLADE,Moto, CONTRA, T5, 50

Twintip boards are also on offer in all sizes and shapes from CABRINHA NOBILE. Waist and seat harnesses  in all sizes for men/juniors and women/girls. We also stock wetsuits and shoes for men and women in all sizes. The usage of kite centre infrastructure is included in the equipment rental fee. Price include also:

  • Free Wi-Fi,
  • Water, tea,
  • Shower and toilet facilities,
  • relax area in our spot,

*The price is per person only!

Board rental

Storage price

If you are already an experienced kitesurfer and want to bring along your own equipment we can offer you; Kite beach use and storage includes the daily beach use fee, launching assistance with safe landing beach, compressor, beach assistance, night storage, Free Wi-Fi, Tea, fresh water, shower and toilet facilities. The price is per person only!

Time1 day1 week 2 weeks
Price10 €55 €85 €
1 day 10 €
1 week 55 €
2 weeks 85 €
kitesurfin equipment rental hurghada


If any part of the rented kitesurf equipment is damaged, lost, and/or permanently unusable, the charge is equivalent to the replacement value of the entire item. If a part of rented kitesurf equipment (such as fins, board, kite lines, control bar, etc.) is broken, damaged or lost and can be replaced, the cost of the part will be assigned as a damage fee.

Returned rental kites with canopy tears (or even scratches on the canopy) in excess of 25 centimeters (in total) or any leading edge tear/bladder damage will be considered as a total loss and customer has to buy damaged kite from renter at fair market price value or replace it.

For all other kite damages the cost of repairs will vary. If the cost of kite repairs exceed 100 Euro , or if it’s impossible repair it, then customer has to buy damaged kite from renter at fair market price value or replace it.

If rented kitesurf equipment suffers any damage caused by customer due to his negligence, due to dangerous riding close to the beach, due to collision with other participants in kiteboarding/kitesurfing activities, due to not controlled or aggressive style of riding, or due to try raise kitesurf level without instruction then customer has to buy damaged kite from renter at fair market price value or replace it.


WE ACCEPT US DOLLARS, EURO, EGYPTIAN POUNDS & CREDIT CARDS (5% additional fees for card payment)


Long Beach Resort,
Sahl Hashish Road
Hurghada 67 Egypt

Office opening times
Monday – Sunday 9:00-18:00