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 The entire history of windsurfing revealed, from the first windsurfer, to the shortboards, to the short and wide designs that made windsurfing fun and easy again newman darby.

The history of windsurfing started in 1948 when Newman Darby, a 20 year old American created a floating platform which looked more like a catamaran than a windsurfing board on which he mounted a sail.

In 1964 he invented a universal joint, which he used to connect the mast of the rig to the board, which by now had a dagger board, a tailfin(to steer it around Trailwood lake, Pennsylvania) and a kite shaped sail.

He called his invention sailboarding after he wrote an article in 1965, but he never patented it. In that time he and his brothers were manufacturing the boards in their own company Darby Industries.

The history of windsurfing has seen a lot of different disciplines come and go. Course racing which was a development of the olympic triangle course is no longer a PWA discipline, it has changed into the formula windsurfng discipline which has it own series of contests. Slalom windsurfing has made it's revival after some years. It used to be very popular but when the freestyle and super cross came slalom was no longer a serious discipline. It's now once again one of the big PWA disciplines and is very popular all around the world from smal lakes to ocean shores. Freestyle is the discipline where you perform tricks anywhere from flatwater to surf, it was freestyle that gave windsurfing the so needed boost. The most spectacular windsurfing discipline is waveriding also referred to as wave performance, where jumps, waveriding and transitions are performed in the surf.


      1. masthead                12. window       

      2. batten                     13. mini bar

      3. batten pocket           14. tack

      4. leech                       15. clew

      5. sail

      6. mast

      7. buckle

      8. wishbone boom

      9. lik lower

      10. mast foot

      11. luff



     1. bow

     2. deck

     3. board

     4. box mast

     5. foot strap

     6. stern

     7. skeg

     8. backsweep the bow 

     9. backsweep the stern





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